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Northeast Welding Company
We are Committed to Serving you.
We are Committed to Serving you.
Aluminum Bicycle Repair
Repair that bicycle at an affordable price

...our extensive repair capabilities.
Since 1966 we have been offering a wide variety of welding capabilities. From Patio furniture to heavy duty excavating equipment, we have the facilities and capabilities to service your welding needs.
Aluminum Patio Furniture
Walk-Ins Welcome....most cases (1) hour or same day service
Aluminum Automotive Parts
Cracked or Broken Automotive Part Repair
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For more information, please
Or call 260-485-8011

Aluminum Repair is our business...leave it to us to fix it right!!!
Aluminum Manufactured Containers
This Aluminum Container was duplicated, as the original manufacturer no longer made it.
Aluminum Boat Props
Get your boat ready for another season or weekend. Most services available for 48 hour turnaround.
Aluminum Lower Units
Repair the lower fin on your outboard to help save the prop.
Aluminum Boat Lifts
Protect your investment by have your lift or pier sections repaired.
For Our Complete Line of Services Visit us at www.newelding.net